Commercial Services

Third-Party Quality Construction Inspections

Specialty Inspectors’ Third-Party Quality Construction Inspections offer comprehensive analysis of structures at multiple construction stages. These inspections use both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods for in-depth assessment.

  • Minimize costly errors
  • Guarantee construction quality
  • Optimize time and budget

Specialty Inspectors’ skilled field inspectors conduct thorough inspections at various construction stages.

  • Concrete Slab/Foundation (or footing with stem wall)
  •  Masonry Tie Beam and Lintel
  •  Wall and Roof Sheathing
  •  Structural Framing, Floors, Walls, and Roof
  •  House-Wrap, Self-Adhered Flashing Tape
  •  Sill Pan, Flashing, Stucco Lath, Building Paper, Stucco Accessories (Control Joint, Casing Bead, Weep Screed)
  •  Stucco in Progress
  •  Stucco Thickness
  •  Building Final