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FCBG Green Home Certifications

Above and beyond…

Specialty Inspectors  provides Florida Green Home Certification for those builders looking to stand out from the competition. The Florida Green Building Coalition’s (FGBC) certified homes meet standards that go beyond the base code requirements to provide homeowners with a higher-performing home. A Green-certified home also enhances the indoor air quality and durability of the home, making it a better investment for the homebuyer. As an FGBC Certifying Agent, Specialty Inspectors  will complete the Florida Green Home Standard Checklist and verify different areas of a home’s construction to ensure that it meets FGBC standards for energy performance, water conservation, site conditions, healthier home, materials, and disaster mitigation. Upon completion, Specialty Inspectors  will submit the required checklists and documentation to the FGBC on the builder’s behalf. Once the FGBC has completed its review, the builder receives the official FGBC Green Home Designation certificate. The FGBC residential green standards are easy and cost-effective to implement and can be applied to single-family homes and multi-family buildings.